Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Job seekers Were Played April Fool in The Month of September By a Prankster

Nigerians are not finding it easy at all in this period of recession and job lost. An event happen today which shows a typical example of how desperate some job seeker are in securing jobs in Nigeria.

Hundreds of job seekers were played April fool in the month of September with there eyes wide open. A fake job placement message was shared on whatsapp by a prankster, stating that people  who have a and are interested in a 80k monthly salary  job at a call center in GTBank plc should come for an interview by 9am in VI, Lagos.

People thought it was true and hundreds of youths, even from outside Lagos, came formally dressed but were shocked to find out it was a hoax. Below is the screenshot of the message shared on whatsapp

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