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Nigeria Railway Corporation Exam Past Questions and Answer

This questions and answer are about Nigeria Railway Corporation most likely asked past Questions and answer during their Exams and interview. we did some research and compile the past question for those who recently apply for the NRC job to practice so take your time to read and practice for your future exams purposes.

1) What is Nigeria Railway corporation Mission?
Answer: To emerge as the leader in the Nigeria transport system, using well motivated work force with modern Technology.

2) What is Nigeria Railway Corporation Core Values?
Answer: Professionalism, Integrity, Team spirit, Respect for Individual and Deliver on promise

3) What is Nigeria Railway Vision?
Answer: To be a world class rail transport organization, providing safe, efficient, affordable, reliable, widely linked network and customer oriented service.

4). What is the Full meaning of NRC?
Answer: Nigeria Railway Corporation

5). When was Nigeria Railway Corporation established?
Answer: 1898 and 1901

6). How many office Department does Nigeria Railway Corporation have?
Answer: 8 the are:
  • Admin and Human Resources
  • Civil and New Lines
  • Corporate planning
  • Operating to Commercial
  • Corporation Secretarial
  • Finance
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Public Relation Unit

7). How old is Nigeria Railway Corporation?
Answer: 112 years old

8). What year did Nigeria rail way change their name from "Government Department of railways' to Nigeria Railway Corporation?
Answer: 1955

9). The general aim and object of the statutory act of parliament of 1955 for the Nigeria Railway is ?
Answer: To Recognize same as Carrying out its function of effecting "carriage of passengers and goods in a manner that will offer full value for money, meet cost of operation, improve market share and quality of services, ensure safety of operations and maximum efficiency, meet social responsibility in a manner that will meet the requirements of rail users, trade, Commerce, Industry and general public

10). Where is the headquarter of Nigeria Railway Corporation Located?
Answer: Ebute Metta in Lagos

11). How many autonomous districts does Nigeria Railway Corporation have?
Answer: 7 namely:
  • Lagos (Ebute Metta Junction)
  • West (Ibadan)
  • North (Zaria)
  • East (Enugu)
  • North west (Minna)
  • North Central (kafanchan)
  • North east (Bauchi)

12). When was the Kano, Maiduguri rail line then known as Bornu extension completed?
Answer: 1964

13). Who was the first Director of Nigeria railway corporation?

We have done some research about Nigeria Railway Corporation and compiled the necessary past Questions and answers for you to nail NRC Job.All You need is this Simplified and straight to point past questions and Answer about Nigeria railway corporation to help you prepare perfectly for YOUR SUCCESS.

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