Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Nigeria Graduate Internship Scheme(GIS) Retained (Register Now)

The present government of Mohammadu Buhari have decided to retained the graduate internship scheme programs (GIS) which was established by the past government of GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan.

The GIS programs was created in 2011 to empower graduate with employability skills training for one year. The Graduate internship scheme (GIS) Mission is to empower Nigerian graduate by atarching them with Companies for 1year to acquire Skills needed to be employable and in return reward participating companies with tax payment incentives.

Graduate will be paid 25 thousand Naira monthly stipend for transportation and logistic fee for the period of 1year and then give way for new set of graduate to be engage and trained, Registration is free for all graduate who are willing to participate and get trained to acquire employability skills.

How to participate
Interested graduate can simply visit the link below to

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