Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Write Offer Of Provisional Appointment Letter

Writing letter of provisional appointment depend on which format you decide to use in writing the letter. You may decide to design the format by adding little touch to meet your desire.

First thing to do is to write the Name of your Company boldly at the top of the pepper and write the Company address below it or at the right side of the pepper follow by the employee Name and address at the left side. The next thing is salutation:

Dear Sir/Mr/Miss
We are pleased to offer you appointment with Company Name here as write the position offer here with effect from date here under the below terms and conditions:

You will receive a monthly trainee allowance of write the amount here during the first three months subject to meeting monthly minimum performance target as to be set by the Company. This may be reviewed upon confirmation.

B. PERFORMANCE BONUS: You can qualify for a performance bonus of up to a 100% increase over your allowance, details of which will be communicated to you on resumption.
This offer is subject to the following:

Proof of education with:
  • Satisfactory proof of successful completion of ordinary diploma, National diploma, N.C.E, HND, BSC or it equivalent.
  • Minimum of five credits in SSCE/WAEC/NECO or GCE O'Level at maximum of two (2) sittings
Satisfactory Guarantorship:
You must provide 2 guarantors when returning the signed copy of this letter(Please attached guarantor forms).

A summary of your responsibilities
State summary of responsibilities here
The above responsibilities will require you to travel and to be willing to work beyond office hours in some instances.

In the event of disengagement or termination of contract, you will stand the options of a one month pre-notice and all company documents and working tools must be immediately returned to the company.

C. CONFIDENTIALITY: during the course of your engagement with Company name here, you will be entrusted with Company property. You agree that to the best of your ability any such property shall not be mismanaged, that you will only utilize the resource assigned to you, or in your capacity, for the purpose of the company business and ensure that other such properties are used for authorized official business and that you will conduct your affairs with utmost dedication and prudence.

Hours of work are 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday . However you may be required from time to time to work extended hours for training and other Events which will attract incentives as may be deemed necessary by the company. You are required to fully abide by the Company's conditions of services, instructions, Policies and procedures that may be in force from time to time

You are required to bring along two (2) white background passport photographs, originals and one (1) copy each of all your credentials, birth certificate/age declaration and marriage certificate (where applicable)

We have a lot of confidence in your abilities and the contributions you are going to make to the team to ensure company name here reaches its objectives

Yours faithfully
company name here
HR Manager

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