Thursday, October 13, 2016

Latest About NPower The FG Social Innitiative Programme

One of the Special Adviser to the president updated Nigerians this morning on a radio program discussing latest about the NPower Programme, he said they are going to get everything done interms of the assessment of those that have applied.

According to him, the NPower portal will be providing all sort of skills that is possible to make them to be technological savvy and to guard some of the resources, there is going to be a lot of work on that portal.

He reveal that applicants that applied for the NPower Programme are very close to a million of people that have applied across Nigeria in all the available programmes such as Teaching, Agric extension, health sectors, building and other knowledge areas especially technology.

He also Address the conscience of people talking about how in the past such programme were been hijack by Politicians. He said Nigerians trust this President and the government have been very particular in deligent in the way this program had been conceive.

According to him the programme is been monitor by the vice president to ensure that the programme does not go the way some other past programme that has created centrism among our people, he also said that some of the things the NPower social investment programme is going to emphasis is that the participant Salaries is going to be paid into their account directly. How will that happen? For instance those that will be hired for teaching jobs rather all graduates participating have register their BVN number and their salaries will go straight to them.

He Said successful candidate will be equiped with iPad to enable them access the necessary app that will enhance their training for the duration of 2years and thereafter prepared participant with the necessary skills to be employed or start their own Business. he also said that the government is partnering with other global agency that have experience in handling such programme to ensure that the promise is delivered

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