Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Real Facts About Securing The Release Of 21 Chibok Girls (Shehu Sani Interviewed)

Senator Shehu Sani Chairman, Senate Committee on local and foreign debts revealed the real facts about Chibok Girls released on an exclusive interview this morning on sunrise daily on channelstv.

According to the Senator, If  Swiss was not included in the negotiation it would have been difficult for government to negotiate because most time why it failed in the past was that each time there was going to be a deal  you will see some form of Sabotage either from the security agents or from someone. This negotiation succeeded because of the fact that many meeting were held both at the swiss and also Nigeria and in some country where the insurgent felt very comfortable.

Senator Shehu Sani said the road map which he draw lead to the success of the chibok girls released. He said in the last few years that this girls stayed in captivities, there were a lot of devolant who presented there selves as negotiators some of whom were the people declared wanted by the military.

He said the person he introduce to the embassy and he also brought the ICIC into the negotiation for the reason that some people thought the ICIC negotiated but they din't negotiate even when the went and sit down with them, they said by their law they don't negotiate what they do is to ensure that the term of agreement of negotiators are simply been implemented and the plan he brought were two:
1) he look at a possibility of a swap were by the girls will be released and the insurgents that are detained also be swap and the second is
2) to reach other aspect of possibility of reaching a deal.

Shehu Sani said in the last administration there were a lot mistake and why simply because when it come to the point of releasing the insurgents for the girls, security agents will give a negative report on the consequence of that and then even under this administration it wasn't that military went in and succeeded there were three to four attempt that failed but the tenacity of the negotiators and the commitment of the swiss government and also the very fact  that you have new security who are committed of exploring the option of dialog and that was why they kept the momentum and succeeded.

The senator said there were no any form of swap of chibok girls for the insurgents and he cant dispose whether ransom was paid for the released of the 21 girls for the purpose of complicating further negotiation of the next 83 girls.     

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