Monday, October 31, 2016

Some of What Nigeria and India Have in Common

Nigeria and India have some similarities and some of what Nigeria and
India have in common are stated below:

1. Nigeria is the political giant of Africa while India has a unique
reputation of been among the economic tiger of Asia continent.
Although India independent proceeded that of Nigeria by 13 years,
India and Nigeria have maintain a very strong economic and culture
relationship which have been mutually beneficial to both countries.

2. Nigeria and India are strong trading partners and resilient
partners in verious supportive association with other countries

3. Nigeria and India are foremost in the struggle to uplift the status
of other developing countries keeping harmonious and codial
relationship with the developed supper rich countries of the world
especially those with whom the have long standing friendly relation.

4. India is one of Nigeria biggest trading patner in Africa, they are
the biggest importer of Nigeria Crude oil and have interest in its gas
sector. India strick a $15b gas investment deal with Nigeria

5. Nigeria is one of the biggest trading partner with India which is
extremely dominated by large scale import of manufacturing goods from
the countries deriving industries. However the only good imported from
Nigeria to India are petroleum product and crude oil.

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