Monday, October 17, 2016

The Minister of environment visited brass to assess the damage cause by oil pollution

Federal Government has resolve to clean up all part of Niger delta affected by oil pollution but asked the people to play their part as well. Brass Island is the community where some soldiers lost their lives and has been getting lot of attention lately. Brass town is usually an hub for oil spillage and pollution because of oil companies operating in her domain. The Minister of environment Amina Mohammed visited brass to assess the damage cause by oil spillage and to possibly proffer solution dispared doubt by some people of the sincerity.

According to the minister, coastal erosion is not an issue that you can blame any one person or institution, if climate change is raising sea level and we have to do something to either mitigate or adapt to what is bound to be.

She said they have sign on to the west African coastal erosion initiative by the world bank and hoping that the will get some resources from them and places like brass will be the first to benefit because this is where it has been heated worse over the years. She also advice people not to politicize the good intention of the government as government is preparing to give them a better leaving condition

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