Sunday, October 23, 2016

Why You Must Set Life Purpose To Fight Rejection

Feeling turned down or rejected required setting a life purpose to fix the situation. Sometime situation of life make us look as if we are not normal mostly in today society where hard and smart work stand you out. Lot of people get turned down for one reason or the other but that does not mean they don't have what it takes.

Rejection are sometime normal in every day to day activities people must experience one rejection or the other. For instance attending a job interview without setting a clear purpose of succeeding might lead the employer turned you down, working in organization without working hard will cause your promotion turned down and a Guy who does not have any sign of life purpose might get rejection from girls.

However, you should never let rejection stop you from trying again, ask yourself what are your purpose in life? And why it's very important you achieve them.

A friend of my need a house and a job to marry a wife. And he set a life purpose he decided to volunteer for a non paying job to gain experience after serving for sometime he was retained and start getting paid, now he have a job and house to marry a wife that is a purpose set and achieve.

Staying idle without doing anything will cause you rejection and the only way to fight that is to keep your self busy

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