Friday, November 18, 2016

Cyber Crime Some Bloggers Dont Know they Are Commiting

Alot of bloggers commit Cyber Crime without even knowing that they are Commiting Crime this days. As the hunger for creating blogs and what to write increase so also the act of copying and pasting increases.

Copying and pasting is a Cyber Crime which most bloggers Commit even the big blogs sometime are guilty of this act. It is offensive when you create or compose an article and then someone will just come and copy your article and post it on his blog  without given credit to the Original writer or source.

The Popular bloggers will copy article from not so popular bloggers and eventually take all the credit for their hard work without recognizing them for their hard work.

This act is a Cyber Crime and it is known as theft when a person violates Copyrights and copied Someone Original write up and post as if he is the Original writer, that not only kills the spirit of blogging but create emotional pain which may result to hate  among bloggers.

If you must copy as a blogger make sure you give credit to the Original writer by referencing to their site even if they are new blogger.

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