Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How To Check If Your Prepaid Meter is Consuming Credit Unit Faster Than Expected

Few days ago I notice some foul play on my prepaid meter which kept me thinking whether it's my prepaid meter or the power distribution company that are playing fast one on me in the sence that my prepaid credit unit No longer last the way it use to.

At first I thought my meter was tempared with by phcn staff so I became curious and decided to consult the power distrubution paypoint staff to confirm what the issue might be. One of the staff told me in order  to find out if my prepaid meter is consuming credit unit unsually, I should do the following:

1. Disconnect or off the supply of Electricity to the House
2. Monitor the Unit on the prepaid meter for 30 minute or an hour.
3. If you notice any drop on the credit unit on your prepaid meter after 30 minute then the connection some where in your house is faulty which is making the unit to run fast.
4. If the Unit did not drop after 30 minute then your meter and connection is ok

That is how to check if your prepaid meter is playing fast one on you

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