Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nigeria Govt to Introduce Single Window Project to Reformed His Maritime Sector.

Introduction of single window project in Nigeria Seaport will increase maritime efficiency and also help to crack down corruption.

At a time when Nigeria is looking outside oil to generate revenue to keep its economy running attention is now shifting to the country seaport to help build Nigeria From its economic challenges.

Nigeria Seaport especially the ones in lagos are among the busiest in the west African Sub Region they are also Notorious for been among the most congested dispard reformed carried out by government in the past to make the Port more efficient.

Turn Around Time at Nigerian port is among the slowest on the continent given room for lack of transparency and proper accountability which feed on the congestion.

The government now said all of that most change is now planning to digitize and automate the Country Port operations to an innitiative called a Single Window Project.

The National Single window project will reduced contact with human being which means you can also do your transaction online, pay your Custom charges and all other charges online. Government is also working very hard to reduce the turn around time, he is working on the 48hours turn around time.

In 2011 the government injected the standard organisation of Nigeria (SON) from the port in his bid to reduce turn around time at his port. The body which is responsible for ensuring that only quality goods are allowed into the country.

With Nigeria now back in serious inflows of sub standard product the single window project is expected to bring back (SON) into port Operation without any further delay.

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