Thursday, December 22, 2016

Whistleblowing Policy- Report Corrupt Activities And Get Rewarded.

In an effort to achieve a better Result in Fighting Corruption In Nigeria, the Federal government have introduced a programme called whistleblowing programme.

According to the Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun, the whistleblowing Programme is to encourage any one with information about the violation of government financial regulation, mismanagement of public funds and accessful financial malpractice and other associative conduct to reporting, discover disclosure of information linking to the return of Nigeria stolen funds and assets and intending to straighten the mechanism for the fight against corruption and improve governerns.

The Minister Said there will be a reward for any one who report any act of corruption be it in public or private sector. The whistleblowing programme is in collaboration with the ministry of justice and attorney General of the Federation and will be back by law to be enacted by the National assembly.

The whistle blower will be protected against sanction and in a situation whereby somebody who is a whistleblower losses their jobs or his financially disadvantage as a result of information they have provided, there is a reward scheme which will pay no more than 5% of the amouth recover to the whistle blower.

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