Friday, January 13, 2017

China Foreign Minister Wang Visit To Nigeria What You Need To Know

China Foreign Minister Wang raps up his Africa tour in Nigeria. Wang is on a diplomatic visits to strengthen relationships between China and Africa.

The final leg of China Foreign Minister 5 Nation tour, the foreign minister seeking to upgrade relation of the Continent and the bill on agreement struck at the Foreign of China Africa relationship summit in late 2015.

Nigeria Economic is in trouble and China is willing to help. However, China has already invest for finance $32billion on project in Nigeria and another $23billion on project are ongoing in addition China is also following up in another $40billion of investment which is on the side line.

Trade and investment are two element of the relation between Beijing and Abuja. There are more than 40 Chinese development project in Nigeria such as Intrastructure, Telecom and Energy.

Nigeria and China will cooperate in the provision of Military hardware both for the Navy and Army, sharing of Intelligent and the Government of China is fully committed to helping Nigeria to strengthen its army forces and share intelligent with Nigeria and to ensure that Nigeria have the resources to deal with the security challenges such as: Boko Haram insurgency, Piracy, Kidnapping and bunkering trouble in oil rich Niger delter. China help here could prove crucial.

Source: CGTN

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