Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Request For Transfer of Voters Card From One State To Another

The issue of voters card transfer is a very important topic that need to be discuss because many Nigerians don't know that they can actually Request for transfer of voters card in a situation where a change of State Resident Occur.

I did a Research and decided to share with you how you can actually Request for transfer of voters card from one state to another through the following steps:
1. The person shall apply to INEC not less than 45 days before any Election. He shall write an Application for transfer to the Resident Electoral Commissioner through the Electoral Officer of his local government area council that is ( your present Location where you want to be transferred to) and a photocopy of your permanent voters card (pvc) must be attached to the application
2. If the Resident Electoral commissioner is now Domiciled in the new Area, the application will be Approved and a new Card will subsequently be issued by the commission
3. The old permanent voter card will be Retrieved and the new one issued to the voter

for more on this topic visit INEC website.

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