Sunday, April 9, 2017

See What Businesses BBNaija Housemate Were Into Before

The CEO of Payport visited the Five  BBNaija housemate yesterday to advice them on how they can become successful entrepreneur once the step out and he also ask each of the housemate Businesses they have done before and challenges they face.

Bisola: said she was into restaurant business before and her challenges was storage problem

Efe: said he was into selling of boxers short before and his challenges was that he end up spending his business capital.

Debie Rise: said she was into peanut supply and her challenges was distribution problem how she couldn't meet up with demand

Marvis: Said she was into taxi business before but she let sentiment over shadow her business

TBoss: said she is into cleaning business  and she wants to end the partnership with her friend and go sole 

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