Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dangote Speaks On Apapa Gridlock Problem

Dangote speaks after the Government/private sector meeting held on Tuesday on how to resolve the Apapa traffic gridlock, he said that Government will be able to save money right now. The total lost to the economy is over 10billion a day. Apapa and tincan port handle about 80% of the cargo that comes into Nigeria.

According Dangote, as he said speak today, some of our ships are waiting in Lome to come and discharge not because we don't have any where to back the ships, there are spaces but because all our operations are chocked up because we have conteners, general cargo that are actually been their but were not able to be removed.

Despite the present problems, the port was still able to exceed the annual metrics tunnage of 34 million but now 80 million per annum an indication that more revenue can be generated if the gridlock problems is decisively tackled

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