Monday, November 13, 2017

See Twitter Users Response To Former VP Atiku Tweet On Twitter

So Atiku Abubakar tweeted about  his involvement in politics, he said "I have only ever been in government ' for 8 years. I was elected governor of Adamawa, but was tapped to run as VP.

And some twitter users replied
"Usman adigun wasiu @wasrite... Replying to @atiku
U have been in govt for more than 30years and how many Nigerians can point to u as a trusted man,if not those that are chopping 4rm u"

Another twitter replayed to another issue tweeted by Atiku again. See the reply below

Atiku Abubakar @atiku  tweet Thankfully, the PHD holders who agree to work in my businesses do not mind #smile

And reply from twitter user: Ztaremi @ztaremi Replying to @BabsAwal @oyedeji007 and 3 others Buhari is the illiterate, atiku is the semi illiterate

Guys are not smiling let wait and see where this political discussion will lead us to. As it is  right now, it is either Atiku or Buhari as favorite for 2019 except their is another. What do you think?

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