Friday, December 22, 2017

A Facebook User Called GTBank Evans the Kidnappers Bankers (See Reasons)

A Facebook User Called GTBank Evans the Kidnappers Bankers asked customers with account with the bank to close or transfer to other friendlier banks. See what he share on Facebook below:

Here is the link to his post "About N19.ZBillion has been withdrawn by GTB customers nationwide within the last 2 days, and about 89,000 customers has technically left the bank.

The #BoycottGTB protest is requesting Nigerians to close their accounts with the bank or transfer their money to other friendly banks. GTB is owing INNOSSON Motors Billions of Naira and illegally made some deductions from their banks accounts which a High court and Federal Appeal courts has ordered them to Pay back to INNOSSON close to N5billion. GTB resorted to using their contacts in EFCC to intimidate the CEO of INNOSSON Motors. Also their connections in Nigerian Customs was used to sell off containers of Raw materials imported by INNOSSON without any genuine reason or explanation.

The Bank started a propaganda against INNOSON claiming that they used fake papers for customs clearance. They forgot that INNOSSON has a Waiver and does not need papers, fake or otherwise to clear goods that have zero Duties. Nigerians are not stupid.

The court ruled against the customs and ordered them to pay INNOSSON Motors N2.7billion. Customs directed GTB to pay INNOSSON from their account and the bank refused till date.

All the attempts is destroy Nigeria's only assembling and manufacturing Auto company and render about 10,000 to 20,000 workers, distributors, suppliers unemployed.

#BoycottGTB. Close your account or # Transfer your money to friendlier banks Now they still have money in their Volts, tomorrow may be late. #BoycottGTB. GTB is Evans the Kidnapper's Bankers. Hope For Nigeria "

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