Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Time Table For Abuja Kaduna Train Service

Kaduna State Governmentt Released New Time Table For Abuja Kaduna Train Service after president Mohammadu Buhari Visited Kaduna State to launched the first inland port in Nigeria and also commissioned 2 Additional Locomotives And 10 Passenger Coaches For The Abuja Kaduna Rail Service.

New Time Table For Abuja Kaduna Train Service

Abuja - Kaduna (4 TRIPS)

  • 7:OOam
  • 9:50am
  • 2:20pm
  • 6:00pm

Kaduna - Abuja (4 TRIPS)

  • 6:40am
  • 10:3Sam
  • 2:00pm
  • 6:00pm

Some twitter users also comment on the new time table released, they said the government should please push for the tickets to be sold online like air tickets, that will stop the racketeering and the time to start selling tickets be publicised not arriving to hear it was sold out a day before.

According to them If the tickets are online, people will see everything, available times, available seats, they can book several weeks in advance. It just makes sense, that's how it's done globally.

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