Saturday, February 10, 2018

<p dir="ltr">Did you see all the #DoubleWahala that happened? The big brother house last night was something else after the party. Some of the housemate had enough alcohol to drink at the first Saturday party night and a lot of attitude was displayed in house. Things&nbsp; turned sour for K-Brule whose advances Anto turned down for a kiss with Lolu. K-Brule couldn't take the rejection and threw himself off the balcony and got his leg dislocated.</p>
<p dir="ltr">It was unbelievable to see him put in action what Bruno Mars song track title I will catch a grenade for you is all about. However, in K-Brule case,the  song title is I jumped From the balcony Because you reject my love for you.</p>
<p dir="ltr">The funniest part of this situation is that Anto confesses that she don't feel any thing for him. The drama was mad last night to the extend that out of shocked bitto was badly crying and blaming himself that it was his fault that K-Brule jumped, that he wouldn't have let him jump. Watch the video below:
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<header><time class="op-modified" datetime="2018-02-04T11:17:00-08:00">2018-02-04T11:17:00-08:00</time><time datetime="2018-02-04T11:17:00-08:00" class="op-published"></time><h1> BBNaija: K-Brule Threw Himself From The Balcony Just Because Anto Chooses To kiss Lolu Instead After The Party</h1></header><footer></footer></article></body>
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