Sunday, June 17, 2018

Meet Marcus Psychic Pig That Predict Nigeria Reaching semifinals - Russia2018WorldCup

The psychic pig that predict the countries that will likely reach the semifinals of the 2018Russia World Cup is called "Marcus". He actually predicted that this four countries: Nigeria, Argentina, Uruguay and Belgium  will reach semifinals

According to the owner, Marcus has the ability to predict things that is going to happen in the future such as sporting events and presidential elections correctly. She said the psychic pig has an 100% record of predicting accurately the result.

Marcus has predicted alots of things like tennis, Euro cup, Wembledon, world cup. He also predict the US Presidential election that Trump is going to win and so much more.

So lets still keep hope alive, don't give up on super eagles yet! After the 2-0 defeats by Croatia yesterday, Let still hope that the pig prediction of Nigeria getting to semifinals come to reality when we play with Argentina and Iceland.

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