Monday, September 24, 2018

10 Winners Emerge In The FRSC/KRSD Road Safety Club Essay Competition


The final result of the list of winners of the 2018 Edition of Federal Road Safety Corps and KWAPDA’s Road Safety Demand (FRSC/KRSD) essay competition featuring the National Youth Service Corps Road Safety Club (NYSC-RSC) saw 10 essayists emerge winners.

According to Bisi Kazeem, the following are winners from 1st position to 10th position:

Baaki Iveren Angela representing Benue R842 (77%), Osho Moses Ademola representing Kaduna RS1.1 (76%), Ako Gabriel Tarzungwe representing Imo R894 (75%), Suleiman Mohammed representing RS1.1 (74%),

Tobilola G Oladunjoye representing Ondo RS 11.2 (73%) Tokunde Emmanuel representing Bauchi RS 12.13 (72%). Ogodogun E Mike representing Anambra R8532 (71%), |made Nosa Stella representing Borno RS122 (69%), Olayiwola Isaiah 0 representing Lagos R821 (68%), and Musa Aminu representing Kaduna RS1.1 (67%).

It will be observed that all the listed winners from 1st to 10th performed well above average and the space between the outcome of their performance was very tight.

In view of the above, the Corps Marshal congratulates the participants in the essay competition and wishes those who did not make the list of successful essayists the best in their future endeavors.

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