Tuesday, September 4, 2018

BBNaija: Ifuennada And Alex Feature In Firm Together.

Firm produced by BBNaija star Ifuennada featuring another BBNaija start Alex covering the common problem of Nigeria in a second and encouraging Nigerians to vote wisely in 2019 general election to make Nigeria great again, both of them share the video on their IG page and caption it.

Ifuennada wrote:
When Home becomes a House, plagued by years of neglect, total ruin is merely a bus-stop away. Nigeria; former Giant of Africa who can now barely see past today, taunted by a future riddled with corruption, injustice and starvation.

Let's join hands and make Nigeria great again. Vote Wisely in the 2019 elections.

Alex wrote:
If a mother can have wealthy children and still be in strife and suffering then there is a problem. If Nigeria has all It needs to be the greatest country in the world, to be the "Giant Of Africa again and she is suffering, then there is a problem. Our great country is at a point where she has to say “Save Me".

Who is our saviour going to be? How can we come out of this mess, How can we defeat tribalism, greed, pride, selfishness and corruption? Oh!! How can we stand tall and say our green land is doing well? That can only happen if the right people come to her rescue. It also starts with You and I. Nigeria is in pain. Please let’s save her. Vote wisely in 2019 election. SOS produced by lfuennada, featuring Alex Unusual

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