Friday, November 2, 2018

An NYSC Member Narrate How He Survived Being Killed In Kaduna Crisis

VHICKTAR INDOMITABLE a Katsina State corps member who just completed his NYSC narrate how he was nearly killed in the Kaduna crisis on his way home after his NYDC.

He wrote:

"How GOD saved me from being lynched and killed in the #kadunaCrisis on my way home after my NYSC". #thread 80 I just successfully completed my #NYSC and was on my way home from Katsina on the 21st of October 2018. Unknowingly to me there was crises in kaduna and our bus was passing through amingo Road I think On the way to Abuja. Suddenly we were surrounded by some hoodlums they had sticks, stones, knives and all sorts. One of them took my phone through the window instantly before I knew what was happening they started stabbing innocent people

The only thing I could remember was a voice telling me to run for my life in an area which I don't even know. I had to maneuver my way out of the bus and I was on my heels. Praying to God to save me. Not even thinking of my box and all my life's certificates still in the bus.

I Ran as far as my legs could carry me but this boys caught up with me, they beat me. Hit me and was continously stabbing me I wasjust screaming "JESUS JESUS. Save me" I honestly don't know how to explain this experience as I am just recovering from the shock. But God

In His infinite mercy saved me and I do not take it for granted. Many lost their lives that day and most were severely injured I'mjust lucky to be alive. Although I sustained minor injuries from the stabs. I am recovering speedily I just want to cease this opportunity to thank God for my life. I survived and I can live to tell the story. I can't thank God enough for the grace. Pls we should try to always check the news on updates and happenings in any route we'd be traveling through before embarking on them.

Also many thanks to the military @HQNigerianArmy for the major role they played in rescuing me. And everyone who played a part. God bless every one of you. All Corp members should also pls stay safe whenever travelling. Says the young man.

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