Friday, December 28, 2018

How BBNaija Star Alex Got Surprised With Gifts By Unidentified Person

BBNaija Star Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra popularly known as alex-unusual   got a surprise Christmas gift from unidentified person and took to her Instagram page to narrate how it happened.

She wrote:
Whoever this particular fairytale God mother is, I heard she isn’t active on Instagram but I pray she sees this somehow. You made my day and prove to me that sometimes, when everything is going bad in a day, something good might just be on the way, I'm unspeakably grateful. If I type till tomorrow, it won’t be enough to express my gratitude. May your pocket never run dry. May God bless you and protect you. May peace and positivity never leave your life. Amen
STORY strictly for my patient #teamalex

On this day, for reasons I couldn’t place, I was in a terrible mood and all I wanted to do was cry. It got worse when I called most people that could make me happy and they weren't picking up. I was about getting my nails done but painting black was all I wanted because of my mood. I started a live video as most of you can remember because team Alex always has my back and @aycomedian saw my terrible state and asked me to visit the house.

I ended up painting and saying "please clean I don't like it about four times". I ended up leaving with my nails the same way it was initially. I got to the house and as usual @midas_interiors and some other lovely souls cheered me up and I left for my fittings for #burnalive. I got to @medlinboss room and this surprise was waiting for me as. Who wouldn't be happy?  I automatically changed my mind and said I’ll go for the concert in heels, ditching my initial "it must be sneakers argument ".

Thanks unknown fairytale God mother for trusting @medlinboss to get all shoes in my size. I heard this particular fairytale God mother was the same person that surprised me with an iPhone Xs max in Abuja on 15th November, right before I went on stage. Thanks to all my fairytale God mothers for always surprising me. Thanks #teamalex for reading my long story because it’s only you people that won't complain. I love and appreciate you all. May your festival season be blessed. Try to stay happy always and never fail to voice it out to people that deserve to know when you get sad.

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